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Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin white paper proposed a revolutionary new digital currency. But his concept is based on a previous hashcash project and on the proof-of-work concept originally proposed by Dwork and Naor in 19921 as a means to combat junk mail.

1.1. The success of Bitcoin So why did Bitcoin reach such an explosive economic value while its predecessors were mostly of academic interest?

1.2. Real implementation  More than a simple white paper, "Satoshi" in 2009 publishes a real open-source implementation. Because Bitcoin was more of an idea but an effective work system, it was able to capture the imagination of developers and exploit the paradigm of open source software to develop rapidly and improve in a global financial infrastructure.

1.3. Open governance  More importantly, Bitcoin is an open system that allows you to evolve through fork methodologies and as such provides a guarantee of its long-term reliability. This open solution allows developers who do not agree with Bitcoin's policy to create alternative solutions.

1.4. Bitcoin problems The biggest problem with Bitcoin right now is that it is not widely adopted. A study evaluates the number of active users in the use of cryptocurrencies between 2.9 and 5.8 million2

This document proposes a solution to encourage millions of users to use cryptocurrencies by adding two missing key elements to allow a significant increase in users.

Millions of users have not yet entered the world of cryptocurrencies for two main reasons:
1. Too complicated
Cryptocurrencies suffer from a complexity of use for the average user. Concepts such as management of private keys, public keys, Blockchain: everything is far beyond the reach of the average user. In some cases many users are barely able to operate with a smartphone.
2. Not relevant
Today, the purchase of basic necessities with cryptocurrencies is very limited. Most of the time they are used to exchange with other cryptocurrencies or for financial speculation that the vast majority of people have no interest in these areas.
3. Important
To convince people to use cryptocurrencies, it is therefore necessary to offer products and services of daily use payable in cryptocurrency in a simple and secure way and their value is sufficiently stable and non-volatile and with great variations as is currently the Bitcoin.

1.5. The solution  TDE S.r.l. the goal has been set of bringing the use of cryptocurrencies to the general public with all the tools necessary to do so. TDE has been marketing telephone top-ups, game account top-ups, giftcards of numerous brands and thousands of products through its own Marketplace for many years. It has a network of hundreds of traders who in addition to their products also sell its services. He created his own crypto coin, the Talentocoin and after a long period of experimentation today can be used to buy products and services throughout the network. The Talentocoin is not present in the Exchange, its value is stable and linked to the internal exchanges of the network and this gives tranquility and confidence to the hundreds of people who already use it. Network merchants can already receive Talentocoin payments through dedicated POS devices or mobile apps. Unfortunately the numbers, although constantly increasing, are still modest.

1.6. The objectives  The primary objective of this project is to extend the experience gained with TDE to other mainly European nations. We aim to install 100,000 PoS and 10,000 ATMs in Europe to reach millions of users within the next 36 months. To this we intend to introduce a whole series of services related to the world of cryptocurrencies consistent with the objectives of the project including an Exchange platform, to buy or sell Talentocoin or exchange them with other cryptocurrencies. A cloud mining platform dedicated to the Talentocoin. easy to use with specific APIs open to the open-source world. To achieve the objective, end-to-end solutions have been devised that are easy to use with specific APIs open to the open-source world.

1.7. Implementation  To achieve the goal it was decided to set up a company from scratch that would deal exclusively with this project. The choice fell on a joint-stock company under Swiss law This is because the establishment of this type of company is quite simple and inexpensive compared to other legislation and above all because the legislation on cryptocurrencies in Switzerland is clear and transparent. To collect the funds necessary for investments, an ICO will be issued for a total amount of 10 million euros.

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2.1 Our vision  The future-oriented network that brings together businesses and consumers. The only economic system that has the consumer's earnings at heart. The Talento® system is made up of professionals, consumers and entrepreneurs who orbit around an innovative idea, fueling this revolution with a common goal: to generate mutual profit. In the future of Talento® there is a secure digital banking system and a professional network that makes it easier to do business. Families with greater purchasing power and enterprising young people who do business by enhancing their talent

2.2 Millions of users in 3 years  We have a team with a deep knowledge of the Italian and European market and a very precise strategy to achieve the result we have set for ourselves. We will spend the next two years developing extensive coverage of shops, malls, retail stores, retail chain stores, bars, restaurants and other retail outlets. We will use the Talento applications to cover even more smaller sellers. Our goal is for users to be able to buy and spend cryptocurrency even during a walk in any city. One of the strategies that will be used will be to give a specific cryptocurrency, the Talentocash, in exchange for different forms of advertising. The Talentocash will then be spendable within the entire network of merchants participating in the circuit.


The Talento circuit was born in 2017 and today has some hundreds of connected merchants and over 110 thousand users. The purpose of this project and its fundraising is to build a large European network and why not a world of traders and users of cryptocurrencies in general and Talentocoin in particular.

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3.1 The Talent System  TalentoPay® is a profitable and profitable project for everyone. Whether you are a company or a private individual, by registering you can take advantage of all the Talento® tools. You will find that you no longer need to save to make money but spend.

In fact, new horizons and perspectives will open up for your company. Profit growth, cost savings, improved workflow management and cutting-edge marketing strategies will ensure your customers are fully satisfied.

As a consumer, by registering you will have access to promotional offers from all the companies in the network, you will be able to purchase goods and services from the comfort of your home, make payments for utilities and, for the first time, earn from every purchase you make.

TalentoPay® is a true digital economy and like all economic models is based on the use of a currency: the Talentocoin.

TalentoPay® to date is the most articulated Italian project based on a complementary currency. Before us, similar models were successfully used in Germany with Il Regio, in Switzerland with Banca Wir and in America with Hours, all these coins are not substitutes for the current currency but have increased the purchasing power of citizens by bringing benefits to the local economy. The Talentocoin with respect to the examples cited takes advantage of the innovative technology that exists today, the Blockchain and does not need to work with other systems of a centralized system.

3.2 Complexity One of the most difficult problems in the use of cryptocurrencies is how to radically reduce their management complexity. Talent wants to solve this problem for end users in different ways including the introduction of a mobile wallet and a contactless smart card.

The mobile wallet is a useful component because it solves the management of public and private keys. Instead of managing a long public key Blockchain e complicated, it may be preferable for end users to simply maintain a password-based system that is much more familiar. More and more often mobile devices can be guaranteed by fingerprints or face recognition, so even the password can become too much complex for many users and in fact a point where complexity can contribute to creating a security risk.

A second method to further reduce complexity is to introduce the use of a smart card. The card can be used with or without the mobile app, and a family member could use the mobile app to reload multiple cards that can be used by different members of a family. By allowing users to use a contactless smart card, it also avoids the complexity, however simple, of using a smartphone APP.

3.3 Use The Talento platform is the final round-up to solve the complexity problem. A complete hardware and software implementation allows merchants to connect their PoS device with the platform Talent by accepting cryptocurrencies set up on the platform as payment for the sale of their goods / services.

The PoS devices supplied by Talento allow both the use of software Wallets in mobile devices and Smart Cards with NFC chips. All oriented to maximum simplicity and immediacy of use.

3.4 Reciprocity As mentioned before, the fact that most cryptocurrencies can only be used to buy other cryptocurrencies reduces, for most people, their interest towards these almost to zero. So the problem can be reduced to this: how can a cryptocurrency be converted into FIAT currencies for everyday use in a "normal" retail store to buy almost everything you need? And how can FIAT currencies be used to buy cryptocurrencies just about anywhere?

3.4.1. Cripto to fiat
One of the methods that has been found to solve the problem of spending cryptos for FIAT for consumers is the "Bitcoin Debit Card". This exploits the VISA and MasterCard networks and allows users to access as many as 43 million Point of Sale (POS) worldwide. One of the problems that has recently arisen with this solution is that VISA and MasterCard have both blocked access to their card networks of debt linked to cryptocurrencies. So for many geographical areas, another solution will be needed.

3.4.2. from Cripto to crypto to FIAT
Talento offers a complete implementation for PoS devices that allows users to operate directly with the Blockchain of the chosen cryptocurrency. PoS can be activated on the Talent network in several ways, including:
  1) A direct connection with the Talento system. Talento in this case offers a complete hardware and software implementation, already operating in Italy.
  2)) SDK support is provided to existing POS device manufacturers to use the open source Talento libraries to allow Cripto exchanges for Cripto and fiat transfers.
  3) Mobile APP is one of the easiest ways for a point of sale to include this payment system. Just download and install the mobile application on a Compatible device, some retail environments may also choose to use an Android phone or an iPhone for customer checkout.
Another approach would be to use an Android or IOS tablet device with Talent software.

Using any of these solutions allows the retailer to sell any product or service in exchange for cryptocurrency without it the need to have VISA or Mastercard service authorizations going directly to the Cryptocurrency Blockchain to record transactions. When the collection operations are registered, the Talento system takes care of ensuring that merchants and retailers are paid to FIAT.

3.4.3. from FIAT to Cripto
How do Talent users buy cryptocurrencies? There are three main ways:

  1) The mobile wallet can allow users to buy cryptocurrencies directly
  2) Users can transfer cryptocurrency from the APP for mobile devices to NFC cards. An example of where this could be useful is that if a family member has minor technical skills, they can use NFC cards for the rest of the family and do not even need to worry about installing an application on the smartphone or having a smartphone .
  3) For users who do not even have a smartphone, the Talento system allows the retailer's POS, whether it is a complete device or the mobile application to directly charge an NFC card with the cryptocurrency required in exchange for FIAT.

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The Talento circuit aims to bring millions of users to cryptographic currencies by allowing users to buy cryptocurrencies anywhere at any time. This will make Talento the largest online and decentralized sales of cryptocurrencies. It is decentralized because ecosystem and transaction records live on the Blockchain. It is in line because our entry point to the Blockchains is through Point-of-Sale (POS) devices installed in physical stores.

The Talento circuit allows 3 use cases:
  1) Buy or sell cryptocurrencies through a Point-of-sale device (POS)
  2) Buy products / services using cryptocurrency through POS devices (retail sales)
  3) Payments between users using the APP and / or the WEB

The Talento circuit consists of:
• Mobile APP, a smartphone application used to do the following things:
  - buy Talentocoin, BTC, ETH, LTC and other cryptocurrencies using cash or card
  - sell Talentocoin, BTC, ETH, LTC and cryptocurrencies for cash
  - top up fiat money in a digital wallet
  - pay utilities and services, for example electricity, telephone top-ups, etc. using cryptocurrencies.

• Talent smart card, will be the physical multi-currency portfolio for Fiat and cryptocurrencies available for purchase and sale through the Talento platform. The Talent Card also allows easy payments with cryptocurrencies held in the card through NFC and contactless technology.

• Talent platform - a software and hardware implementation that performs the complete sales point (POS) functions. Our PoS devices are already available and working in many commercial activities in Italy and ready to be supplied to large retailers. A further expansion of the platform will take place through the release of open source licenses and the supply of the SDK and open APIs.

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APP Mobile Talento

app talento

Mobile applications for users favor rapid growth. Since 2017, the Talento platform has had over 100,000 registrations, and dozens and dozens of points of sale today accept payments through our APP. The APP can be downloaded directly from the AppStore and Google Play.

Even for merchants and to manage their business Talent has put a complete APP for Smartphones and Tablets.

Accept and release Talents
Collect or reward customers with Talents and build customer loyalty.
Increase your visibility
Thanks to the geolocalized app you will be easily found by our customers.
You are part of a team
Grow your store as part of a great team.
Customer loyalty
The user will be taken in search of affiliated stores where they can use their Talents.

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Talento Card

The Talento card is an NFC card that can be configured as a multi-cryptocurrency or a single rechargeable or single-use credit card.

The cards can be read to make payments from our PoS devices and in the case of cards that can be recharged by the same devices, they can be recharged as well as by the APP and by the personal Web panel.

The Talento cards facilitate payments through encryption using wireless technology.

In the future, with the expansion of encrypted payments, this debit card can also have the function of a physical wallet in the event that, for some reason, the apps or network connections do not work.

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Talent Platform

Starting in Italy, our team aims to provide points of sale, restaurants and shops with Talent PoS so that cryptocurrency users can shop safely.

app talento

In this way, the PoS devices of the Talento network become a termination of the global Blockchain and consumers benefit because they can use cash, a credit card or a digital cryptocurrency wallet for their purchases.

Traders who use the PoS of the Talento circuit will see the change in real time between cryptocurrency and FIAT on the terminal and, once the transaction is completed, they will be able to either keep the cryptocurrencies received or receive in their FIAT bank account.

The Talent PoS is a smart device that is built not only to receive but also to distribute cryptocurrency and is connected to the Blockchain, so that every transaction is recorded. Consumers use PoS Talent to buy physical goods using cryptocurrency.

Then there is a Talent PoS software designed to run on Android and iOS tablets and is a special version for smartphones.

Since every PoS Talent is connected to the web, software and feature updates can be performed remotely. For example, with an update they can introduce new Blockchain features; planning to sell Tokens or issue new cryptocurrencies.


Growth target of 100,000 devices in 3 years

If the sale of the ICO reaches 10,000,000, our goal for an installed base of Talento PoS devices is 100,000 in 3 years. Since these devices make up a large part of our cost, the amount collected from the ICO issue will determine the number of devices that will be installed. For example, if the amount raised is doubled, our network will reach 220,000 PoS Talent devices in three years, and so on. For a more detailed explanation, please consult the chapter.

Our plan is to face the global market for the implementation of a partnership model with sales agents for the markets in which we cannot directly supply or install our device. Although our main goal remains to provide our complete hardware / software solution.


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Talento Blockchain

The Talento platform thanks to its advanced multichain technology allows simultaneous access to multiple Blockchains. Talentocoin is the Blockchain and the main cryptocurrency of the system, Talentocash is the reference currency for the ICO and then we added as additional currency for payments: Bitcoin. But in the future, thanks to our multichain technology, it will be possible to add more coins without compromising the overall functionality of the system.


We allow developers as well as merchants and cryptocurrency holders to sell their cryptocurrencies through our sales network.

Major cryptocurrencies can be accepted and sold through our PoS platform and developers can use our APIs to connect to digital portfolios, create payment requests or sell offers.


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Currency exchange

The Talent platform connects to several online cryptocurrency exchanges. Since every online cryptocurrency exchange has a different spread and different price levels, users and merchants can decide which platform best fits their specific needs.

Users can choose their preferred exchange, and the market will help determine which platform offers the best combination of price and service.

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State of the art

Already today the Talento platform in Italy through affiliated or web-based retailers allows you to provide many services including:

Telephone top-ups
Take advantage of all top-up services to national and international telephone operators such as Tim, Vodafone, Wind, 3, Poste Mobile, Lyca Mobile, BT, Daily Telecom, Coop Voce, Digi Mobile.

Payments Utilities
You have the ability to pay for services that have online payment, such as: postal bills, electronic payments and others. In this way you save unnecessary queues for your payments or for your utilities.

Reload and Prepaid Accounts Refills
The pins to top up your Pokerstars, Paddy Power, Youbet, Iziplay, Bwin, Giocodigitale and William Hill accounts are always ready for purchase, complete with instructions, in the various cuts available offered by the remote gaming operator.

Criptomoneta reloads
You can become a cryptocurrency reseller in your city and accept cryptocurrency payments in your store.

Mining Packages
They provide the customer with the possibility to undermine Talentocoin and Talentocash in Cloud mode using the equipment provided by the Talento platform. After the purchase of the package the user does not need to purchase any hardware equipment and receives daily the share of coins extracted based on the power of the package purchased

Online showcase management
Customize your showcase online in a flexible way. Connect it to your favorite social networks, add photos, manage tags and access to ecommerce with dropshipping of the Talento system.

Offline article management
Manage your warehouse products with the ability to sell them on the Talento marketplace or advertise them on our network.

Acceptance of payments
A single purse Talent for every type of purchase both on the merchant's shop products and on everything that the platform offers and to receive credits from other network users with cryptocurrencies.

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We are currently identifying several channel partners to promote the Talent Platform and the Talent Card. Among other things we are evaluating:

1. Manufacturers, distributors and installers of POS equipment,
2. Software Developers.
3. Exchange companies (eg Kraken, Bitrex, etc.)
4. Visa, Mastercard prepaid cards (such as Wirex).
5. Connection with public bodies and associations.

In the future it may be possible to open a dialogue to start a collaboration with the banking system.

For overall integration of the project, a Cloud-Mining platform will be created to allow users to acquire through mining cryptomoney, mainly Talentocoin, Talentocash and Bitcoin but with the possibility of extending the platform to other currencies.

An exchange platform will also be created

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ICO emission

As anticipated in point 1.7 to extend the Talent project and achieve the objectives that we have set ourselves, it was decided to proceed with the issue of an ICO that we have called TLX.

For simplicity of calculation we have set the value of 1 TLX equal to 1 Euro.

For the purchase of TLX we accept as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum also our Talentocoins, the exchange rate as mentioned is of a TLX for one Euro, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Talentocoin will be accepted according to this change, at the time of purchase will be once the quotation in Euro of the cryptocurrency chosen for the payment has been verified and the relative change and the token release will be carried out according to the following criterion: the buyer will initially receive 30% of the total of the TLX the remaining 70% will be delivered in 36 installments monthly with the philosophy of the Proof-ok-Stack. Therefore, the buyer who does not keep the TLXs for 36 months will be penalized and will get a smaller amount of tokens. The sales details will be subject to terms and conditions.

TLXs can be purchased and sold through the Talento network, can be used for purchases or exchanged on exchanges.

ICO details
  - We accept Ethereum, Bitcoin, Talentocoin for TLX
  - Exchange rate 1 Euro = 1 TLX
  - This ICO is not an IPO (Initial Public Offering)

The Token purchaser can visit the dedicated website before the ICO is released, pre-register with their e-mail address and enjoy additional benefits based on the expressed desire to purchase.

Quantity TLX
If this ICO does not generate the expected sale of 10 million pieces the company reserves the right to use the remaining tokens for a second ICO. The symbolic price for a second ICO could be greater than in this first phase. In addition, we reserve the right to withdraw from this ICO and, if this decision is made, all funds raised will be returned to the original Token purchaser.

Our hard cap is 10 million EURO. Regardless of changes in the prices of cryptocurrencies collected. The number of distributed PoS Talent devices will be based on the number of coins we will be able to collect with this ICO.

The greater the amount of funds raised by the ICO, the more the POS production, installation, operation and marketing costs can be reduced. The number of devices distributed will also create a network effect in which several people will use the PoS Talent to trade cryptocurrencies and / or sell goods and services on our sales network.

Users can access our dedicated website to check the monthly TLX tokens.

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Legal & Property

Talento SA will be a private company for shares under Swiss law, and it is the legal entity that owns the Talento PoS platform, and also assumes responsibility for the ICO TLX, its issue, distribution, management, and disposal and other commercial activities . Talento SA, in order to operate in full legality, will request authorizations as a financial operator from the financial market supervisory authority FINMA.

Risks and Indemnities
The information contained in this offer memorandum (or white paper, below Memorandum ") is intended solely for the persons to whom it is transmitted for the purpose of evaluating the LTX tokens offered with this letter. In perspective, buyers should not only rely on the information contained in this offer memorandum. We strongly encourage buyers to do their own research. No person is authorized to provide any information or make any representations about the Project or the tokens offered in this document and such information or representations should not be relied upon. This offer is a private placement and it is not, and in no case is it to be interpreted as a public offer. LTX tokens are offered in reliance on exemptions from registration and disclosure obligations established in applicable legislation. This offer memorandum does not constitute an offer for the sale of securities, nor a solicitation for the offer to purchase securities.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
Buyers agree that they must not participate in money laundering, illegal currency exchange and other limited activities in any form through TLX tokens and other relevant derivatives (if any). Each buyer must understand that it will be limited by the sale, exchange and disposal of the TLX token and other relevant derivatives directly or indirectly for the purpose of money laundering.

Countering terrorist financing (CFT)
The buyer agrees not to participate in any financing, exchange and to support activities for the purpose of financing terrorism through TLX Tokens and other relevant derivatives (if any). The buyer agrees that he will not be authorized to sell, exchange or delete the TLX token and other derivatives relevant to terrorist financing.

Due to legal problems, this offer is made and only non-resident persons or citizens in the following states are admitted to the purchase: Mainland China, the United States, Malaysia and states that prohibit the issuance and sale of ICO.


Due to the frequent changes in the laws, regulations, technology, economic and other factors, the information provided in this offer may not be accurate, reliable and final and may change on several occasions.

THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IS ONLY FOR REFERENCE. The Talent Team is not responsible for the accuracy and legitimacy of the information provided. In perspective, the purchasers must not only rely on the information contained in this offer memorandum. In essence, this memorandum is a commercial proposal or a commercial promotion document, in any case it will not be legally binding. The content indicated in this document is for reference only, token buyers must take additional precautions.

This document may be available in different language versions, in the event of disputes; we will refer to the Italian version as valid and definitive.

This is a SPECULATIVE project
The offer of TLX tokens in this memorandum must be considered highly speculative given the nature of the activities of the issuing company and the objectives it has set itself. Buyers must understand the underlying risk. The purchase of tokens is only suitable for buyers who are able to accept the inherent risks in the project business. In addition, there are a number of other risk factors that should be taken into consideration by people who plan to buy the TLX token. Buyers should consult their professional advisors to assess income tax, legal aspects and other possible aspects of the investment.


This offer memorandum is confidential and has been prepared exclusively for and selected by potential selected buyers of the offered token. The free distribution of this memorandum is not authorized and any disclosure of any of its contents without the prior written consent of the Company is prohibited. This copy of the memorandum is reserved for the person to whom it is delivered and does not constitute a public offer to subscribe or purchase any of the tokens offered in this document.

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